Museum Series

Custom Made, Specialty Woodland Trees

Our “Museum Series” trees are custom made specialty woodland trees for large interior spaces. They can be made to appear to grow out of the floor and touch the ceiling.

They can be flat-topped, one sided (against a wall) or full-round.

The trunks are made out of a special material which can be molded and painted to look like any variety of bark.

Real branches come out of the sturdy trunk and can be foliated in oak, maple, ficus, pine, or any other type of leaf that you desire.

This lifelike whimsical woodland museum series tree was designed to replicate an outdoor play space for children with special needs.
The tree is 15′ tall with a 22′ spread.

Unique design elements were built into this tree, including a fairy door and elf-like windows in addition to imperfections and notches to achieve the natural characteristics of an actual tree trunk.

There are 40 preserved maple wood branches foliated with pin oak leaves. The tree was made to look as though it was growing out of the floor.

The bark on the trunk can be textured and colored in an infinite variety of ways. Natural looking bark imperfections – knotholes, scars, carvings, pruned branches, even carved tunnels–add realism and character.

Design OPtions

To Fit Any Space

Round Top Tree

Flat Top Tree

Against Wall

Full Round

Corner Tree

Elements was asked to design a replica tree table and stools. The stools went around a table top slice of the tree and were installed in a children’s academy. The addition of the replica tree furniture was an exciting undertaking for our design team.

Tree stumps can be used as display pieces or make nice additions to a children’s play area.

How Price is Calculated

Measurements Required

Knowing these measurements, along with foliage type, bark texture and color will facilitate your Museum Series Tree project and greatly assist in preparing a quote.

Trunks can be 8″ to 36″ in diameter or more; heights up to 25′ and more.