Bamboo Trees

Bamboo is one of our most popular items. The bamboo trees are made by adding artificial leaves to natural, wild or synthetic canes. The artificial foliage can be light or heavy. The cane sizes range from 2’ to 18’ tall.
The stable weighted bases make installation easy.

(Please note: When using Natural bamboo canes, it is possible that they may split or crack over time.)


Customizable Solutions

Bamboo can be foliated heavily with many leaves or sparsely with fewer leaves. Any amount of clear trunk can be left showing, depending on the look you want.

Another option is our “Wild Bamboo”. It’s one of the most realistic we’ve created. Rather than individual canes we use freshly harvested bamboo with most of the natural stems still attached.


Endless Possibilities

Bamboo Screens

Natural Décor

Bamboo screens such as these are great as room dividers and sound buffers. They’re lightweight and easy to move around.


Natural Looking and Durable

Our synthetic bamboo canes are virtually indistinguishable from real canes. They are made of PVC and are banded and shaded just like the real thing. The height can range from 2 ft. to 18 ft. and the thickness from 1” to 3” diameter. Convenient modular assembly reduces freight costs and makes for easy installations.

Synthetic bamboo canes won’t split like real ones do, and the appearance is identical.

They are available in green, mahogany, natural, black, or custom stained. No two pieces are alike. The nodes are varied so that a repetitive pattern is never created on the canes.

Water won’t hurt them, and they are fire retardant.

A custom job that consisted of 42 bamboo units that were 13’ tall. Each unit had 9 separate synthetic bamboo canes which were custom foliated to meet stringent architectural requirements. Each cane (378 of them) had to be custom painted green to match a live bamboo that was to be planted on the same site to satisfy the interior designer’s request. Almost 8,000 individual bamboo picks and 7,000 feet of PVC pipe were used. Our artists came up with a unique apparatus to paint the pipe efficiently. The bamboo units were installed by one of our dealers in an upscale hospital food court.

Whether using real or synthetic, we can color your bamboo canes any color you wish using paint or stain.