Wander into the world of biophilic design—
enhancing workspaces and allowing occupants to connect with nature by bringing it indoors.

Company logo moss wall

A company logo moss wall was a great solution for corporate branding for an area that did not have enough light for real plants and created a focal point for the end of the hallway.

Creating organic movement

The architect’s goal was to create organic movement with the design of this moss wall. Reindeer moss was used to achieve intricate linework and shapes. A custom-stained frame was used to create a shadow box for the wall.

An “Instagramable” piece

This moss wall was chosen not only to be a piece of artwork, but the University also wanted a selfie/”instagramable” wall for current and new students.

PromotE well-being

Modernizing away from technology by replacing a TV with a moss wall to enhance the well-being of their tenants.

Symbolize Your company’s values

Our client wanted a green moss wall to symbolize their values. The strong roots of their business give them the expertise to grow their client’s portfolio to be sturdy and secure like a deeply well-rooted tree with spectacular green leaves.

Looks Very Real

This creative solution went over so well for our client that everyone thought the trees were real!