1. All orders require a 50% minimum deposit to order goods and start construction. Balance is to be paid the day of shipment.
  2. For credit accounts, balance is due net 30 days with proper credit approval. All other balances due upon shipment.
  3. Overdue balances will be charged 20% api (2%/month) interest charges until balance is paid in full.
  4. Shipping is F.O.B. Pittsburgh.
  5. Freight charges are an estimate. Client is ultimately responsible for all freight charges.
  6. Packaging charges not included unless specified on proposal and will vary by product and order size.
  7. Ownership of materials is transferred to the purchasing party when products are loaded into the freight carriers trailer or container by Elements. In-transit damage claims must be made directly with the common carrier. The receiving party is responsible for checking shipments upon arrival to the destination location. Any damage to product must be reported immediately to the common carrier
  8. Authorization must be given by Elements before any goods are returned. Preserved and custom products cannot be returned. All international orders (orders outside of the contiguous 48 US states) cannot be returned. Custom and/or altered products cannot be returned or discounted. Client is responsible for all shipping charges to and from shipping destination for all orders, returns, &
  9. If customer delays occur on shipping dates of large orders, storage may be charged. Outstanding balance will be due upon 60 days beyond original installation date.
  10. Based upon availability, prices, quantities, and colors are subject to change.
  11. Estimates are valid for 5 days.
  12. Decorative containers sold separately.
  13. Prices subject to availability.
  14. Inherent Fire-Retardant Material and Topical Treatment Retardant will meet the NFPA 701-1999 standard.
  15. Topical Treatment Retardant is an upcharge. If items are topically treated, special care will be needed cleaning the plants & trees. Re-treatment after cleaning may be required.
  16. Standard order takes 2-3 weeks to ship out depending on size, quantity, and availability. Production timeline for custom orders will be determined with each order. FREIGHT: Freight estimate is based on delivery to site zip code and will need to be requoted at time of
    order authorization.

PRODUCTION: A production time of 2-3 weeks is needed for most orders. This does not include shipping time. If construction timeline warrants a rush order, please advise ASAP to see check upcharge and production availability.

GENERAL NOTES/DISCLAIMER: All trees and plants come standard potted in black plastic nursery grow pot or are shipped with a sonotube construction tube base filled with concrete and PVC sleeves (unless otherwise noted above). Plants are packed for shipping and may need final shaping at installation site to achieve desired look. In stock items vary with availability. Heights listed are overall height from base of container to top of tree/plant unless otherwise specified. Plants and trees are not Fire Retardant unless specified on proposal. It is recommended that all silk and preserved materials be dusted at least one time per month and a thorough cleaning one time every six months to maintain good visual appearance. Cleaning should be done using a cleaner specific for silk and/or preserved plant materials. In addition to cleaning, all trees should be inspected at least once per year for broken/rotted limbs, standing water around the trunk (this could cause a safety hazard if the trunk is decaying), and any other safety concerns. Elements is in no way responsible for the care or maintenance of the trees, handling of the trees during installation and/or any damage that may occur to an individual or property as a result ofany type of neglect and/or wear of the tree and therefore will not be responsible for any damages to an individual or property. It is the responsibility of the property owner to schedule routine checks to make sure products are secure and in good condition. Elements recommends that all trees be re-placed after a maximum of 10 years. It may be necessary to replace trees earlier if conditions warrant. All natural products are prone to fungus, mold, and natural breakdown of the product. Elements cannot guarantee the performance of any natural product. Specifically, natural limbs may crack in transit to the job site and natural bamboo may split because of the product drying out. For this reason, no products using natural materials can be guaranteed and are sold as is. Moss walls should not be located in direct Sunlight or an environment that has a humidity level less than 40%.

CUSTOM ORDERS: All custom orders must have samples produced at the cost of the requesting party to insure the product(s) is an accurate representation of the desired custom order. Every effort is made to produce the product(s) that the client wants. Therefore, custom orders are not returnable.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Elements warrants its products to be free from original defects in material andworkmanship for the period of one year for artificial plants and trees. During the warranty period, Elements will provide material to repair or replace products which are proven to be defective with proof of purchase. Only products which have been installed in a controlled interior environment will be covered under this warranty. Moss walls should not be located in direct Sunlight or an environment that has a humidity level less than 40%. The warranty does not cover damage caused by any of the following: abuse, improper use, improper handling, negligence, accident, modification, changes due to improper cleaning methods, failure to maintain normal environmental conditions, or changes caused by exposure to sunlight. Warranty does not cover damage due to accidental watering of plant or tree trunks. Elements’ liability shall be limited to an amount not greater than the original purchase price of the product(s). Elements shall not be liable or any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages relating to the purchase, performance or use of it’s products. Any and all court proceedings involving Elements products or services shall take place in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA. All Proposals are only valid for 5 days from proposal date. All freight estimates are only good for 5 days.