Ficus Trees

A Best Seller

Ficus Benjamina

Best Seller

Our best-selling Ficus Benjamina is the closest match you’ll find to the real thing. For construction, color, appearance and price, they can’t be beat. The canopy simulates a real ficus in width and layered branching. The trunks are heavy caliper maple which best replicates an actual ficus trunk.

These can be made in sizes from 5 ft to 25 ft tall. With our large selection of sizes, number of trunks, and price ranges, we can match a tree to fit your specific needs.

Multi-Trunk Ficus

Best Seller

Our large multi-trunk ficus, shown here from 12’ to 25’ can be planted in decorative containers, built-in permanent planters or flush planted into recessed floor receptacles.

Custom Manufactured

Sourced and Manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA

These trees are custom manufactured right here in our Pittsburgh facility. Left is a shipment of real maple trunks which we procure from nearby locales.

On the right, 18’ multi-trunk ficus are fitted and prepared to be disassembled, wrapped and shipped.